Boat2Fish 46 – Seigur 1400

by thrandur

Boat2Fish 46

Size: 14 X 4.2 meters (46 x 14 feet)

Weight: 25 brt.

Engine: 2 x 450-500 hp

Cargo space:  18 x 660 liter fish tubs

Top speed: +30 knots

Boat2Fish 46

The Boat2Fish 46 – Seigur 1400 is ideal for those that want a big, fast
boat. With two 450-500 hp engines it can reach 30 knots with a median speed of
22-26 knots.

Increasing sizes of fiberglass boats shows the bigger boats are just as
strong and offer less costly maintenance and the fuel economy is better due to
the lighter weight.

Boat2Fish 46

The Boat2Fish 46 is also available with covered deck.

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