Boat2Fish 33 – Seigur 1000

by thrandur

Boat2Fish 33
Size: 10 X 3 meters (33 x 10 feet)

Weight: 9.25 brt and 5.99 brl

Engine: 420-500 hp

Cargo space: 16 x 380 liter fish tubs

Top speed: 30 knots

Boat2Fish 33

This is first boat built in the Boat2Fish fleet, specially designed for the
Icelandic market. Now it is available all over the world.

Boat2Fish 33

Boat2Fish 33 is the record holder for the speed record between Westman
Islands and the Faeroe Islands. The record was set in May 2002 and is 378 miles
in 13.5 hours. This is an average speed of 28 knots! We are convinced that this
record will be broken in the future by the same type of Boat2Fish boat when the
conditions are better. The fuel consumption during the record trip was 1060
liters, that is 2.8 liters per mile! The top speed we achieved was 33.7 knots!

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