Triton Fishing Boat

by thrandur

Shameless for a Triton Fishing Boat

You are welcome to be embarrassed for me, but I lied. I was at work going on and on about the amazing Triton fishing boat I had just purchased. I mean I spent weeks researching the best brand, which was hands down the Triton. I learned a lot more about boats than I had known with my father because while I was his only child and a daughter, I was also his fishing buddy. And going fishing with him was always better than being stuck at home with mom and her endless chores! He never thought to teach me much about how different boats can be.

Triton Fishing Boat

Triton Fishing Boat

Triton carries boats specifically for salt water, fresh water, and arguably the best line of aluminum boats on the market. Triton’s have the best of both worlds, comfort for the rider and great design, like a wider hull for their aluminum boats for better stability in the water. Many boats are made for either comfort and aren’t that great for the act of fishing or they are designed well but so uncomfortable. Well, I finished describing the boat I bought.

And as I finished describing my new Triton boat my coworker, Judy, naturally asked where I’d bought the boat from. I just couldn’t bring myself to say eBay. It seemed like a cliche. But I have to admit, I was so impressed with the opportunities on eBay when I was shopping for a boat and discovered the Triton Fishing Boat I wanted, I would fully recommend you shop eBay before anywhere else. I couldn’t live with myself for lying, so the next morning I went into work and I summoned Judy and the others and told them I wasn’t sure why it seemed so silly but I had lied and had really bought my new pride and joy from eBay. The gang all laughed at me, but understood and said it was no big deal. Then nearly every coworker of mine shared a purchase or many that they had made on eBay themselves. Now I felt even sillier for lying about it, however, Judy is going to tell her husband to check eBay for the Triton fishing boat he wants for his early retirement gift!

Fishing Boat Deals On eBay

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