Ranger Fishing Boats

by thrandur

Ranger fishing boats are certainly made with quality in mind and I must say they handle very well. Ranger has any kind of fishing boat that you might be looking for as they have 10 fish-n-play models, 15 bass models, 10 multi-species models, and 15 salt water models. All I can say is what a variety to choose from. Ranger is so sure of their workmanship that they offer a warranty that covers defects in structural parts, including the hull, stringers and transom for as long as you own your boat and their trailers have a similar warranty.

Ranger Fishing Boats

Ranger Fishing Boats

I love this boat and it is not aluminum, but made of fiberglass and still lightweight. If you are looking for a durable yet affordable fishing rig that really has a smooth ride then you should really take a look at these beauties. With the Ranger fishing boat you don’t have all of that noise you get with the aluminum models and the leaking rivets are a thing of the past. I can go fishing and keep all of my gear dry, have a smooth ride, and I have to tell you, that she is a looker as well. Never thought I would have a good looking fishing boat that I could brag about but Ranger changed all that.

Boating Life magazine has even done some reviews on these boats, so don’t take my word for it go ahead and check them out. I think they like the Ranger at least as much as I do as they have put one of their fishing boats in the 2009 buyers guide and have included all of the detailed information that anyone could want to know when making a purchase. The Ranger 211 Reata also made the cut in the sport boat category and the tester determined it would be a good fisher as well.

In the present economy we can not all afford to go buy a new boat even if it is a good buy and it is a good buy.
I was looking around on ebay and found that they offer some of the Rangers and you could probably pick one up pretty reasonable especially in this economy. At the end of the day you will have made a great decision as I can’t imagine a better way for anyone to spend time off from their hectic lives than to lay back relax and go fishing.

Fishing Boat Deals On eBay

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