Boston Whaler Fishing Boats

by thrandur

If you are going fishing it is a lot more pleasurable to use a boat that was designed for just that. The Boston Whaler is a great fishing boat. There is plenty of room for tackle and ice chests. While not designed for just fishing it does a great job of crossing the line between pleasure and fishing boats.

Boston Whaler Fishing Boats

Boston Whaler Fishing Boats

I especially like the fact that it is non-sinkable. You don’t usually think too much about it, but an overnight thunderstorm can fill a boat with enough water to sink it. When you come in late and your boat is loaded with gear you don’t want to have to worry about leaving it in the water.

The hull is constructed of fiberglass in a way that makes it trouble free. Its weight and strength make it capable of using many sizes and types of outboards.

It is designed to handle heavy weather, which is a good thing to know when the water starts getting rough.

If you are used to bass boats you may find it does not have the custom storage compartments you see on them. It more than makes up for that with all the space you have to place your stuff.

The Boston Whaler sits high in the water and does not give you a feeling that you are down too low like on some bass boats.

While being a good-looking boat it is also very versatile. Even though it is great for fishing it is also comfortable for things like outings with your friends and family. On the bigger ones you can pull water skiers and tubes with ease.

Boston Whaler is famous for it’s walk around console. Many other boat builders have copied it but it is good to know you have the original. You can easily move around the console without bothering other people on the boat.

The best of boats can still leave you a little bit unsatisfied. A boat is a personal thing so you need to do a lot of research before you decide to buy.

The layout that suits you may be totally uncomfortable to someone else. When you are going fishing you need a boat that has enough room so you can fish without driving each other crazy. Think about how many of your friends will usually be going and also the size of your friends.

I would try one out locally and then see if you can find a good deal on Boston Whaler fishing boats on eBay.

Fishing Boat Deals On eBay

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