Fishing Boat Trips

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U.S. Fishing Boat Trips & Vacations

For the fishing enthusiast, the United States offers a huge range of fishing boat vacations – from oceans to big lakes to rivers, America is an amazing place to fish.

Fishing Boat Trips

Fishing Boat Trips

Ocean Fishing

Florida is a great place to take a deep sea fishing trip – whether you charter a boat or have your own vessel, the range of fish and skill levels needed are varied and exciting. Deep sea and big game fishing tend to be for more experienced, sporting fishermen, but with an experienced guide (easy to find on chartered trips and, even for personal boats, a charter company can often recommend a good local guide). Four ideal sporting/big game fishing locations in the United States include Florida (among many other catches, you can expect to find trout, sharks, sailfish, swordfish, grouper, tarpon, marlin and yellowfin tuna), California (huge range of species including barracuda, albacore, bass, yellowtail, dorado , perch and bonito), Hawaii (shark, marlin, snapper, grouper and spearfish) and the Gulf of Maine (Atlantic herring, lobster, Atlantic salmon, eel and sturgeon).

For general U.S. ocean fishing information, Worldwide is great resource and also lists charter companies.

An important note to remember for deep sea/big game fishing: If you are not going on a chartered trip or with an experienced local guide, make sure you have the necessary licenses and know the fishing guidelines before setting sail. This information can be found on local government Web sites and is easily accessible online. Chartered companies often do not allow you to keep the fish and have specific rules about what happens with a catch, so make sure you clear up all those details before you pay for it.

Lake Fishing

For U.S. vacation markets, there is almost too much to choose from for lake fishing trips. The following recommendations are just three choices among hundreds across the country, chosen to represent different locations and variations on fish species.

Lake Texoma on the Texas-Oklahoma border offers more than 70,000 acres of water and a range of species (catfish, bass, crappie and bluegill). Lake Michigan is the second largest of the Great Lakes and offers outstanding natural beauty and a great fishing experience (trout, salmon, bass and walleye). Flathead Lake, Montana, is the perfect place for trout fans, offering at least seven species including Golden, Brook and Rainbow. Other species include Northern pike, salmon and perch.

Just like ocean fishing, it is important to make sure you have the relevant licenses and give yourself enough time to order and get them processed so they are ready when the trip begins.

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