Norway’s Fastest Fishing Boat?

by thrandur

Norway's Fastest Fishing Boat?

Jarle Fjeldskår’s new fishing boat is aptly named. With a top speed of 31 knots Sjøsprøyt (e: Sea Blast) – is probably Norway’s fastest fishing boat.

As it sits in the harbor of Båly, the Sjøsprøyt can look just like an ordinary fishing boat. But when the motor starts and the roaring sound of the 650 horsepower 12 liter Volvo Penta engine flows out you realize that this may be a little bit out of the ordinary.

Norway's Fastest Fishing Boat?

The fisherman Jarle Fjeldskår is heading for cod fishing in the autumn and winter using a line and other methods. Fjeldskår got the boat from Iceland mid March and just a week later he could deliver for the first time. Wednesday Lindesnes newspaper got the first test tour with the new boat.

It starts easy. The engine temperature is at 45°C and Jarle wants to get the temperature up to 70°C before driving it to hard. Out on the deck the wind is catching the hair and a special gut feeling at 23-24 knots. At 29 knots it really gets moving.

– “I am pretty sure that this is Norway’s fastest in its league. It was at least last until last week.” Says the happy fisherman. He relaxes behind the front windows while the Sjøsprøyt flies low over the waves.

Jarle Fjeldskår

– “It is fun to go fast. Especially when you can combine it with the job”, he thinks.

The top speed of 31 knots is not often used.

– “Then we must have the best conditions”, emphasizes Fjeldskår. In good weather he can go to Hanstholm in Denmark in three hours. About the same time is used to go to the fishing areas by the West-banks, compared with eight to ten hours with an ordinary boat.

– “This is truly a revolution” – he says. He has been up north in Lofoten for a month and has gone to a couple of tours in the Norhtsea.

The boat is fully planing, but has a drop keel to diminish the drift when fishing. It is still not perfect in a real storm.

– “I have been out in heavy winds. It was ok, but I try to get by without it”, says Fjeldskår.

The boat is naturally a little bit thirstier than a normal boat.

Norway's Fastest Fishing Boat?

– “At 23-24 knots it uses twice as much diesel as a normal boat – but then I can go three times faster. The boat can also be driven easy” – he points out with a smile. Three jigging machines, a crane and a line drawer show it is a fully equipped fishing boat. With sleeping for two, a refrigerator and an electric stove, a shower and toilet and the comfort is secured. Accessories like a plotter, sonar, radar and an autopilot is a usual thing to have on fishing boats. Flaps and bow propeller are perhaps a little less so.

– “The steering wheel is really just for decoration. I steer with the bow propeller” – the captain says.

Fjelsskår has invested between 2.5 and three million NOK (400-500.000 USD) in the new boat. He hopes that it will be able to pay off the investment. If the fishing is low he can always use the boat as a water-ski puller in the summer season.

Speed boat of the type Seigur 1067.
Built by Siglufjardar Seigur in Iceland.
Delivered in February 2007.
Ready for line fishing.
Length: 10,62 m.
Width: 3,32 m.
Weight: 11,6 tons
Engine: Volvo Penta, 12 liter, 6 cylinder, 650 Hp
Fuel tank space: 1300 liter
Top speed: 31 knots

Øyvind Adrian Skogmo

Translated from an article in the Norwegian newspaper Lindesnes – see here

Thrandur Arnthorsson

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