Small Fishing Boats

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If you have decided to purchase a small fishing boat for your enjoyment there are many styles, types and sizes available. First off, look through the many brands available and see which type appeals to you the most. Secondly get a price that you can afford to spend in mind, and try to stick to it. With the troubles of today’s economy you may be able to purchase quite a nice boat on eBay that will not only suit your needs, but be exactly what you are looking for in your price range.

Small Fishing Boats

Small Fishing Boats

One type of small boat is a bass boat. These come in various sizes but are usually available in a small size. They are mostly used for fishing and are made to go quite quickly over the water. They are a flatter style of boat and usually light weight. Many of them come with engines that go from a ninety horse power up to two hundred and fifty horse power. Most are made of aluminum or fiberglass material, making them a sturdy but lightweight boat. They come in various sizes ranging from approximately sixteen feet in length to twenty feet in length. Depending on the size you choose they can hold about five people. A brand new bass boat can cost thousands of dollars but they are available on eBay for much less.

Another type of small boat is the center console boat. These boats are also made with fishing in mind. They are most normally constructed of fiberglass. They have up to four engines, depending on the type and size that you choose to purchase. The largest types of these boats can be very fast . The engines are normally in the back of the boat. This type of boat is said to be one of the most popular for fishermen looking to buy a smaller type of boat for their fishing excursions. They can be used in salt water in fairly deep areas. They have open decks which are great for a small group of people to fish from. If you like to scuba dive this type of boat will work great for that too. The smallest of this type of boat comes in a length of approximately eighteen feet, with the larger styles going up to thirty five feet in length. Depending on the size you choose, they can hold up to twelve people.They are run by an outboard engine and are of course available for sale on eBay.

Another type of small boat you might want to consider is known as a fish and ski boat. Some of these styles are used by both fishermen and women and also those wishing to pull skiers. They will hold up five or six people depending on the size you choose, and most have a rear seating area. Included on this type of boat is a live well for fish that are caught. They are usually about fifteen feet in length, but can go up to twenty two feet. The larger styles hold up to six passengers in comfort. They can be run off of an outboard engine, a jet engine or even a trolling motor.

One last type of small boat is the inflatable style. These are made of extremely durable material and come in all shapes and styles. One style resembles a canoe, while another is like a kayak. Both of these types can be used for several uses. You can fish from them or just enjoy a lazy drift down a river while seeing the sights. All of the above are available at eBay.

Fishing Boat Deals On eBay

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