Porec Croatia Boats

by thrandur

Porec Croatia Boats

Porec is a small and friendly town in Croatia by the Adriatic sea. Boats have long since been the primary way of traveling in this part of the world.

Porec Croatia Boats - Prince of Venice

One way to get there is by this fast moving double keeled ferry to Venice – the Prince of Venice.

Porec Croatia Fisherboat

Here is a boat that is obviously used for fishing…

Porec Croatia Boat

…even though most are used for fun and passengers.

Porec Croatia Boats

More boats.

Porec Croatia Yacht

You can easily imagine the happy hours that are created onboard this sweet yacht.

Porec Croatia Yacht

Porec Croatia Fisherboat

Boat to Fish!

The weather is not bad.

Porec Croatia Boats Equipment

Rusty old fishing gear tells you that there are still ordinary fishermen here.

Porec Croatia Boat and Seagull

Today is filled with peace and quiet. A lonesome seagull flying low over the calm waves harmonizes with the small sailboat waiting for its owners.

Porec Croatia Wooden Boat

An absolutely charming old fashioned wooden boat.

Imagine sailing the Mediterranean on a boat like this…

Porec Croatia Boats

Although my primary objective for visiting Porec has been to play tennis, I really enjoyed going down to the harbor and looking at all the boats.

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