Inshore Saltwater Fishing Boats

by thrandur

Whether you live in the cooler climates of the north or sultry, humid areas of the south, inland saltwater fishing is a fun way to spend the day! Trout, Red Fish, Snook, Bass, and Tarpon are my favorites to catch.

There are those days when the weather isn’t cooperating and it’s too dangerous to go off shore.
The perfect solution is to get the smaller boat and fish inshore. When it comes to fishing the creeks, canals, tidal marshes and bays, the best inshore saltwater fishing boats are those that can tread shallow water and are less than 25 feet in length.

Inshore Saltwater Fishing Boats

Inshore Saltwater Fishing Boats

My favorite type of inland saltwater fishing boat is a flat bottom, so I can get up into the shallows near tree stumps and high grass. The trout love to hide near the shoreline near stumps. They only draw a few inches and are very inexpensive to make or buy.

Flat bottom boats are usually small, around 10 to 15 feet in length, with an open design made of aluminum, fiberglass or wood. They can comfortably hold up to four adults and are not made for rough or choppy conditions. You have the options of using oars or paddles or a small 30 hp outboard or tiller (trolling) motor when fishing this way.

Drift boats are another design made to drift along the rivers to get close to the banks and around the trees. These are the simplest of boats and have been for centuries. As the name implies, these boats are made to drift along the river banks and creeks where the fish are hiding. It’s quiet so you can sneak up on them.

Anchors and oars are most important when using a drift boat. You need to anchor yourself and drift with the currents, while fishing.

One more boat to consider is the center console boat, or skiff, ranging from 15 feet to 25 feet. This type of boat allows the driver to stand in the middle and see where he is going. You can use this in a creek or river as well as an open inland lake or bay. This open boat has a canvas top for inclement weather and usually draws 3-6 inches of water.

So when fishing for inland saltwater fish, be sure to bring ice for the fishing wells, and a well stocked fishing tackle box.

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