Iceland Boat Trip

by thrandur

Reykjavík To Seyðisfjörður – Spring 2007

This years first boat trip has been on schedule for some days. Perlen N-5-BR is a brand new Boat2Fish 33 – Seigur 1000 and is going to its future home in Norway. The plan is to put it on the Smyril Line ferry to Norway. Perlen is made in Reykjavík and the ferry sails from Seyðisfjörður – on the far east side of Iceland.

Reykjavík Harbor

Iceland Boat Trip

Weather has been rough out of the south coast so we decide to go the longer way north over. The forecast is for the worst weather on the first part over Faxaflói-bay. After that it should be smooth sailing for the most part.

Old and rusty whale-catchers

Old and rusty whale-catchers have been sitting in the same place for decades.


Looking back to Reykjavík.

Magnús the skipper

Magnús the skipper owns the first boat of this type and has been a sailor for years.

As we sail out to the open ocean the waves start to get larger. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem – until the engine gives a warning sign and has to be stopped. When the boat starts to drift and sway on its own I soon develop my first case of seasickness for years.

Volvo Penta D9-500

Volvo Penta D9-500

Magnús is able to get the engine started again and we slowly head back to Akranes harbor to take a better look at the engine. Sverrir and Jakob meet us there and take the boat out for a spin and everything seems to be working normally. After tying up the boat they head back to Reykjavík but me and Magnús sleep on board.

Akranes harbor

Akranes harbor

Akranes harbor.

ÍSAK AK 67 - 1986

Early next morning we start out the Akranes harbor and sail past the fishing boat ÍSAK AK 67 – 1986.

Iceland boat trip

The weather is similar to yesterday and should be getting better as we go north of Snæfellsnes…

Rif harbor

Rif harbor

…and after some more engine problems that is the case.

We therefore decide to make a fuel stop in Rif.

Magnús takes a better look at the engine and thinks he has found the problem. A bolt on the underside of the engine is a bit loose and could be drawing in air.


Rif is a small village on the north side of Snæfellsnes just under the famous volcano Snæfellsjökull where Jules Verne’s story “Journey to the Center of the Earth” began.

 Egill SH 195 1246

Sailing over Breiðafjörður bay is just beautiful. We meet the fishing boat Egill SH 195 1246 as he is fishing…

Vestri BA 63 - 182

…and then also the fishing boat Vestri BA 63 – 182 right up under the cliffs of Látrabjarg.


Látrabjarg is more than 400 meters tall and packed with seabirds. It is also the most westerly part of Iceland and therefore also Europe.

Thrandur Arnthorsson

Since the weather is getting better and there are no big dangers ahead Magnús trusts me with steering the boat for a while.

As most modern boats this one has no real steering wheel, only a joystick and an automatic.

Súðavík harbor

Boat2Fish 33 - Seigur 1000

We are going to sail all the way to Siglufjörður today so we use the last opportunity in Súðavík to make a short stop and fuel up.

Perlen in Suðureyri

Then we start again and are able to keep a decent speed. Since the propeller got hit by rocks we are not able to go as fast as it could but are able to keep a steady speed of 24-26 knots.

Siglufjörður harbor

Siglufjörður harbor in the twilight time

Sailing into Siglufjörður harbor in the twilight time is pretty awesome.

Thrandur Arnthorsson

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