Freedom of the Seas – SBI Caribbean Cruise January 2008

by thrandur

We have never been on a cruise ship before and never to the Caribbean so this is
going to be an adventure to remember! Among the thousands of passengers on board
the Freedom of the Seas are Webmasters from SBI who organized the cruise on the

Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of the Seas is currently the largest cruiser ship in the world. At an
overall length of 338.77 meters (1.111.5 ft), width (beam) of 38.6 m (126.65 ft)
it is truly massive.

Miami harbor & cruise ships

After standing in line for a long while in the tent-like structures on the peer
we are finally aboard! Standing on the eleventh deck at the Miami harbor you get
a feeling of the height. In front are a few other cruise ships not much smaller.

Welcome abord Freedom of the Seas

The evening starts with a big welcome aboard party with some amazing food
carving art along with food and drinks for everyone (although I had to pay for
the drinks using the special on-board paycard).

Party in Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of the Seas - the Royal Promenade

The Royal Promenade is perhaps telling for the size of the ship. Completely hidden
inside the ship and is a “street” complete with restaurants and shops. At each
end there are a set of elevators to take you to one of the 15 decks!

View to Miamy from Freedom of the Seas

On the twelfth deck is a running track all around the ship.

Freedom of the Seas Casino

For the grown ups – a casino with black jack, roulette and gambling machines.

Shelly and friend

SBIers scheduled a number of seminars on board the ship. Here are two of them.
The famous Shelly of
meets a tortoise friend.

Haiti band

Our first stop was in Labadee in Haiti. The location is owned by the cruise
line: Royal Caribbean. In a way it feels a little bit more like Disney World
than a real place.

Freedom of the Seas in Labadee Haiti

View to Freedom of the Seas is pretty grand though.

Labadee market

A handful of selected locals were allowed to sell stuff in this market. After
venturing inside for a few minutes we were almost “eaten” alive by the
aggressive selling – leaving us with a bunch of unwanted things.


An evening ride on the FlowRider aboard the Freedom was a refreshing ending of
the day.

Leonardo restaurand in Freedom of the Seas

Dinner in the luxurious restaurant Leonardo…

Picture of "nothing"

…and this is what you get when you order “nothing” for desert!

Ocho Rios in Jamaica

Ocho Rios in Jamaica is the second stop. The Jamaicans seem to be happy –
although there is not a lot of money. Nobody starves, everybody can just pick a
fruit from the nearest tree.

Jamaica speedboat

A nice speedboat in the harbor…

Jamaica jetski

…and a jetski to play on!

Sky Bar in the Freedom of the Seas

We’ll just head for the Sky Bar.

Evening TV watching dog

Every evening when we come into our stateroom cabin a strange animal awaits us.
This time it looks like a dog holding the remote control and watching TV – with
the shades on!

Georgetown parrot

Georgetown in Cayman is considerably richer. The big parrot looks friendly but
can you trust his looks?

In Cayman's Hell

We decide to take a tour around to see the sights.

Thrandur with a turtle

The turtle farm is most memorable – with all sizes and ages of turtles.

Ice skating in the Freedom of the Seas

The on-board theatre with Broadway style shows is HUGE and same can be said
about the ice-skating hall in the Freedom of the Seas. The fact is the ship is
108,000 tons larger and takes more than 2000 passengers more than the ill fated
RMS Titanic.

Ken Evoy from SiteSell

Ken Evoy from SiteSell. Ken is just as amazing to talk to in person as he is online in the
SBI forums. He is so willing to listen to everybody and share some truly
valuable insights. I consider meeting Ken, to be the highlight of the cruise.

Freedom of the Seas & Voyager of the Seas

In Cozumel “our” ship is parked right beside a slightly smaller sister ship. The
Voyager of the Seas, I think. Perhaps this picture can give you an idea about
the size of those ships.


We took a taxi ride around the island. Here is a real alligator in an alligator
farm in Cozumel.

A Cozumel Beach

Beaches in Cozumel look really beautiful. I would like to come and visit again
later and have more time to spend.

More Cozumel beaches

Everything is so clean and fresh and the colors are magnificent.

Álfheiður & Thrandur

Me and my wife, Álfheiður standing by the ocean shore.

Art in Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of the Seas is filled with artwork of all shapes and sizes. This diver
is coming down from the ceiling of the Royal Promenade.

Hope you enjoyed this snapshot of the biggest cruise ship sailing the great
oceans. There is plenty more I don’t have the time or space to show you here.
You will have to experience this with your own eyes!

Freedom Wallpaper

Freedom Wallpaper

Freedom often means different things to different people. You can
have freedom of choice and you can have freedom of mind, freedom to act and
freedom to move. Strive for freedom and define it in your own words.

See more here:

Thrandur Arnthorsson

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