Flats Fishing Boats

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Choosing the Best Flats Fishing Boats

Though flats fishing boats are not new, they continue to progress in terms of capability. The new types of building materials today combined with the leading edge expertise of anglers continue to provide new innovations. Having access to a well-designed flats fishing boat can prove resourceful in many ways. This type of boat is able to float in very shallow waters yet it is till quite stable.

Flats Fishing Boats

Flats Fishing Boats

When looking to purchase flats fishing boats you should consider a weight of 875 to 975 pounds for the most comfortable poling. Even if you’re out for a full day, you can count on a very smooth and secure ride to your final destination.

For fishing off a flats boat, getting in for a close cast requires a skiff with hardly any water moving or slapping against the front. The slightest noise can scare off fish and hull slap may be just enough to chase away your catch. This is a troubling yet common annoyance that is easily corrected. Simply have a partner stand at the head of the casting platform and this will keep the boat horizontal or completely flat.

If you can think about how the water is flowing around the boat near the surface, it is easy to imagine that just about any object can cause a disturbance. For example an obstruction, stroke or uncovered chine may cause unwelcome noise. You may remember that strokes on flats fishing boats are on the hull and run parallel down its length. Likewise chine is the crux of the hull meeting with the sides of the boat.

The mark of a well made flats fishing boat will be a free standing casting deck with the hardware being retractable or submerged that keeps the lines from hanging up. Keeping lines clear is vital for you to cast and then strip a line across the deck while fly-fishing. The best quality hardware would be stainless steel that is bolted down to avoid loose brackets or tackle from interfering with your cast. Also check the hatches to make sure they are tight fitting and that there is no rattle or loose fitting surfaces. If there is any give in the hatch they can be refitted with a gasket to avoid startling nervous fish.

With the above features you will also find that nearly all flats fishing boats have low hanging gunnels that give the boat a stealthy and steady low riding appearance. The way a fisherman gets around on the flats fishing boats is to use a push pole that allows you to maneuver soundlessly over the water. In order to do this; you must have a very strong and stable push-poling platform. The best push-poling platforms allow you to stand up and feel confident at full height. This is so you can keep an eye on the view ahead while moving toward the area that you’ve decided to target. The platform cannot be too high as this reduces the capability of the platform and the push pole in guiding the flats boat accurately along the waters surface.

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