Fiberglass Fishing Boats

by thrandur

The Age Old Question; is your fishing boat fiberglass?

As I began writing this article, a smile came across my face and a warm feeling came up from my inside, I sat back in my chair and began to daydream. It was a great memory; I could even hear the river flowing by as I sat on the bank feeling the warm sun on my arms and back. I even stopped to swat at a deerfly before he took a chunk out of my arm. When I began typing, it was an hour later than when I sat down to begin this article on fiberglass fishing boats.

Fiberglass Fishing Boats

Fiberglass Fishing Boats

I grew up in southwest Montana, in a little town called Ennis, along the banks of the Madison River, nestled in the Madison Valley. When I was thirteen years old, this was the heart of the Trout Fishing World. To fish for trout in the Madison River was to fish in trout heaven. There were a closely regulated number of State licensed River Guides in the area. My father was among that elite number. He taught me to fish the Madison and I could work trout from that river like a musician working the notes from his instrument.

The McKenzie River Boat, or the McKenzie Drift Boat as some called it, was a very important piece of equipment in that neck of the woods. There were three materials these boats were made out of, Wood, Aluminum, and Fiberglass. My Father and his closest fellow Guides believed that there was none better than the fiberglass fishing boats. Besides being a river Guide, my father also had a dealership for a brand of fiberglass fishing boats and did quite well at selling these boats if I recall correctly.

These fiberglass fishing boats were quite amazing. They were much quieter coming down the river than those clanging aluminum boats. When it came to sand bars and shallow Rocky River bottom, there was not another boat that could slide over these obstacles so smoothly and quietly I might add. It was like the bottom of the boat was greased. My memory sticks on a sales technique we used to use when selling these boats, it was fun to watch people’s face when I would put the boat on its side, reach over to the counter and pick up a sledge hammer and just go crazy on the bottom of the boat. I never did get to make a crack or hole.

If you are asking this Montana boy, I’ll tell you there is nothing safer than the fiberglass fishing boats.

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