Eyjafjörður Boat Trip – Akureyri to Ólafsfjöður – Spring 2007

by thrandur

Two of the brand new designed Boat2Fish 25 – Seigur 750 are to be delivered to their new owners in Ólafsfjörður.

Mike in the red overall will be captain on one boat and I will take the  other. This will hopefully present lots of great photo opportunities.  Sigurjón the boat builder is holding the line.

Sailing out the harbor of Akureyri and the boats look good and handle well on the calm sea.

Looking back south to Akureyri…

…and forward north the longest fjord in Iceland, Eyjafjörður. The time is around 10 pm and we can still see the sun! We are getting closer to the Arctic circle.

The colors of the sky are delicate and charming.

By the side of the mountain Ólafsfjarðarmúli that stretches right out to the ocean. Not too many years ago you had to drive on the steep slopes of the sides to get to Ólafsfjörður by car. Now they have dug a hole through the mountain.

The boats are built for sea-anglers and are pretty basic. A total of 22 boats are to be made and they have been mostly booked for this summer.

It is now close to midnight and the light is fading out. We are reaching Ólafsfjörður. We can tell that the boats are pretty good sea ships for their size.

Thanks for a fun boat trip!

Thrandur Arnthorsson

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