Deep Sea Fishing Boats

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Deep Sea Fishing Boats are boats designed to go out at sea anywhere from 20 miles to 100 miles or more. These boats are designed for taking fisherman out to sea, they are equipped with Bait tanks, galleys, places to store fishing rods . Many times these boats are used for tourism groups that rent out the boat for 1/2 day fishing trips. These trips usually cost about 30-40 dollars per person. This includes bait, tackle and rental of fishing poles. It is a great deal since most people only fish occasionally on deep sea boats.

Deep Sea Fishing Boats

Deep Sea Fishing Boats

These boats are usually named after someone perhaps the owner of the boat. They have deckhands who clean fish, help with baiting of hooks and tackle and other problems such as tangles in the fishing lines. Deckhands are a great help on these boats and usually receive tips for helping out.

If you decide to go on a deep sea fishing boat make sure you bring some form of ID, they will hold this until the fishing rod is returned. Also make sure to wear warm clothes. When going on deep sea fishing boats it gets windy and sometimes the sea can get pretty rough. Either way it is alot of fun and well worth the money spent.

Other deep sea fishing boats are used for commercial fishing. These boats go all over the world and some boats are specifically designed for crab or lobster fishing. These boats do not carry any tourist and are manned by deckhands and captains only. These boats go out for long periods of time and will stay out until they get their catch. The catch is brought back to port and sold at markets. Deckhands and the captain recieve a cut of the money earned. Good deckhands can make 4000 in a month’s time if the catch is good.

Sports fishing boats are designed to entertain people and make money at the same time. They can be alot of fun and the types of fish varies. In California deep sea fishing boats generally go after Bonita, Albacore, and bottom groupers. Occasionally they will hit a school of tuna during peak months. This is a great way to teach children about fishing and group participation. Deep sea fishing has been around along time and is extremely popular, especially on the West Coast.

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