Cuddy Cabin Fishing Boat

by thrandur

If you are looking for a great boat then a Cuddy Cabin Fishing Boat is for you. A Cuddy Cabin Fishing Boat is a great boat for both fishing and pleasure boating. My family actually uses it mostly for pleasure but periodically I will take the boat out with some buddies to do some fishing.

Cuddy Cabin Fishing Boat

Cuddy Cabin Fishing Boat

This boat has removable cushions and snap in carpeting to make cleanup quite a bit easier than most boats. The small Cuddy Cabin has plenty of storage available and you can even put a porta-potti in there for the family, cause you know what happens as soon as you get out on the water someone has to use the bathroom.

The Cuddy Cabin Fishing Boat is a smooth riding boat and basically feels larger than it is. The motor on the boat I have is the Evinrude E-tec which has great get up and go but will also put along for those days that I am fishing with my buddies trying to catch all the catfish in our local lake nearby and want to go slow. When this boat was purchased last year I was told that it was one of the most popular boats made with a cuddy cabin and I believe that anyone that wants to use it as a Cuddy Cabin fishing boat or a family entertainment boat that you are making an excellent decision.

There are many different sizes of the Cuddy Cabin Fishing Boats today, mine is an 18 footer and works very well for me. I usually try to carry no more than four people with me at a time but sometimes we have up to six. With me owning the boat for a year I have had plenty of time to use it and really enjoy the ease of loading and unloading it. I can not get over all the storage room for whatever I need to take with me on those all day trips.

I give the Cuddy Cabin Fishing Boat a set of five stars after my experience. Like I had mentioned it is great for the once in a while fisherman, the every weekend fisherman or even just as a family pleasure ride.

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