Composite Fishing Boats

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Composite fishing boats are heavily used by dedicated anglers because they are durable, inexpensive, and easy to transport between bodies of water. They are designed for small groups of fishers-between 1 and 5 people, depending on the type of boat. Usually composite fishing boats are used by two or three fishers at a time.

Composite Fishing Boats

Composite Fishing Boats

Composite fishing boats are perfect for freshwater fishing, but can be used for a variety of other recreational activities. Often, families will strap them to their cars to take with on camping trips. They can be used for exploring lakes and rivers, or relaxing on warm summer days.

There are many advantages to using composite fishing boats, but they are certainly not ideal for those who desire a luxury experience. Composite fishing boats have few or no special features, and they are not designed for comfort.

There are many types of composite fishing boats that meet a variety of needs.

Bass Boats

Bass boats are primarily used for catching panfish such as bass (hence the name bass boat). They are used in freshwater settings, including lakes, rivers and streams. Usually constructed from aluminum or fiberglass, the bass boat is propelled by both an outward motor and a trolling motor, but are small enough to be propelled with oars if the motors fail.


These composite boats are well known for their miniscule size, but they actually make wonderful fishing boats. Most dinghies are rowboats propelled by oars, or with simple outward motors, but some are rigged for sailing.

Jon Boats

Jon Boats are made from aluminum or wood and are the simplest and most durable of all the composite fishing boats. They are also the least comfortable, providing only hard bench seats for fishers to sit on. Jon boats are best used in small bodies of water. They should only be used in calm water because their flat hulls don’t allow them to ride through waves-only over waves.


Yes, kayaks fit in to the composite fishing boat category. They can only carry one, or occasionally two people, but they still travel well in groups. They are much better than other composite fishing boats for fishing in fast running rivers.

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