Commercial Fishing Boats

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Commercial fishing boats are vessels used for the capture of different fish and other seafood. There are three kinds of commercial fishing vessels: trawlers, seiners and line vessels. These three ships are what put seafood in the supermarkets around the world.

Trawlers are boats that use large fishing nets to take fish or other marine animals. The nets or trawlers are conned shaped and are usually towed by a boat or many, depending on their load. Trawler vessels are generally found on the North Sea where they are used to catch flat fish and shrimp. One or two vessels can be towed by each side of the net traveling at a speed of eight knots. One of the many advantages of the trawler is that it can operate in all weather conditions and is used for casting nets in very deep places.

Commercial Fishing Boats

Commercial Fishing Boats

The seiner vessels are generally large vessels but there’s also seiner vessels that can be as small as 10 feet like a canoe. In small size vessels a net is cast by hand. Large seiner vessels have state of the art mechanisms that cast the net in order to catch fish. Seiner vessels have large winches to pull out large quantities of fish.

Seiners can also be very sophisticated vessels. Some seiners are big enough that they have space to house a helicopter. The helicopter is used to spot fish schools. The seiner also has powerful sonar technology to find, follow and catch fish.

Line vessels use heavier fishing lines than the previous two. There are bottom long liners, mid water long liners and factory long liners. Mid water long liners are medium size vessels that operate worldwide. They are designed for optimum velocity to reach distant fishing schools and have enough energy for prolonged periods of activity.

Factory long liners are vessels that contain a plant were the fish are gut, filleted, packaged and stored. Fish are stored in frozen sea water tanks. The factory long liner is similar to a whale boat. The main difference is that the long liner is a modern vessel with state of the art equipment. A factory long liner can be as heavy as 100 tons.

Commercial fishing boats can be as small as a canoe or as large as a factory vessel. They are found in all the waters around the world. With their sophisticated equipment they move from area to area searching for schools of fish and other sea creatures.

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