Center Console Fishing Boats

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Are you planning on buying a boat? Do you want to set sail and enjoy some quiet time fishing? One of the best options available to you today would be the Center Console Fishing boat. This is a style of boat built with your comfort in mind. Handling these boats is very easy and moving around the boat is very convenient because of its design and styling.

Center Console Fishing Boats

Center Console Fishing Boats

The center console boat is a special class of boats where all the controls are located in a console at the center of the boat. Hence, these boats get the name Center Console boats. It is usually a single decked boat with an open hull. You can also find boats with cabins. These cabins hold berths for people to sleep in. Center console boats can usually house four to eight people. It is common to find the cabin in the bow. A person can walk from the stern to the bow with absolute ease, a feature not available in a lot of other boats. The console contains all the different controls for the boat including steering, radio, ignition and other controls. The berths or the sleeping area will usually not have a lot of protection from the weather. They will have just enough protection to keep the sun and rain out. However, these accommodations are not good enough for cruising.

The center console boats have a range of options. They are available in configurations such as deep-v hulls or modified-v hulls or cathedral bottom. The materials mainly used to build such boats are aluminum and fiber glass. The boat deck running all around the center console provides the fisherman the rare opportunity of casting from anywhere on his boat. These boats are usually equipped with other facilities for the fisherman. These include lighted bait as well. There is also a state of the art ice cooler for the catch and mounted rod holders.

There are many companies manufacturing the center console boat. This boat is popular mainly because of all the facilities it offers the fisherman. The storage area is very roomy. The boats in the market today can be maneuvered with so much ease. They will have excellent and powerful out board motors powering them. These excellent fishing boats can range from fifteen to forty five feet.

So if you’re the kind of fisherman that likes to have a lot of space when fishing and hates tripping over the tackle box, then a Center Console fishing boat is the way to go.

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