Bowrider Fishing Boats

by thrandur

A Bowrider, known as a Runabout, was the first boat I ever purchased. I found it easy to operate,and quickly became familiar with the nautical instruments and the onboard amenities, even as a novice.

Bowriders are great to use for recreation,and water sports boating, and family fun, the cockpit bucket seats are very comfortable, you can also chose to have back to back seating which is the best choice if you use your boat mainly for skiing, you may also want to chose an engine with a high amount of horse power that will make your ski outings more fun and add to the value of your Bowrider should you chose to sale it one day.

Bowrider Fishing Boats

Bowrider Fishing Boats

There is a swim pad on the back, with an open bow area in the front where extra seats can easily be installed. Bowriders are between 17′ and 30′ feet. The size you chose should take into consideration the size of the body of water and the number of people you will usually be carrying on board, generally the boat can hold 6 to 10 people safely.

Bowriders are best suited for calm lakes and inland water ways. I have found when I took my Bowrider out on open choppy water you can get a little wet because of the absence of a low deck and a low transform. On the same token if you are out on your boat swimming or tubing you are going to get wet anyway so I never found that a problem.

The Bowrider is equipt with plenty of on board amenities, you have the choice to chose between two console configurations one to the starboard with the helm, or the one I choose to the port that which I was pleased to discover opened to reveal a marine toilet also known as a porta-potti.

There is also a cover on the Bowrider for early mornings or late evenings in case you may be feeling cool. The cover allows for long relaxing days out on the water.

You can run the Bowrider up on the trailer real easy, go forward, climb out and winch. It is simple to lower the anchor as well. I have owned my Bowrider for several years. I use it every summer

All in all in my opinion Bowriders are an excellent choice.

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