Bay Fishing Boat

by thrandur

Is a Bay Fishing Boat right for you?

If you like drifting along quiet estuaries tossing a plug in the water, but you also enjoy the challenge of fishing for the trophies in the ocean, a Bay Fishing Boat might be just what you need.

Bay Fishing Boats can vary in length from around 16′ to well over 30′, but all are built with the sport fisherman in mind. They have a center console, offering 360 degree access to the rail, so no more jockeying for position with your buddies for the best fishing spot. Modern Bay Fishing Boats are designed to minimize spray as you power through the swells, making for a smooth and dry ride. They are stable in the water, allowing you to freely move fore and aft as you wrestle the big ones without having to worry about your position on the boat. Most are equipped with standard gunnel and vertical mounted rod holders, as well as fish boxes for storing your catch.

Bay Fishing Boat

Bay Fishing Boat

Feel the need for more fishing features on your Bay Boat? Add aerated live wells, built-in bait boxes, and recessed rod and tackle organizers. For your own comfort, put in a refrigerated storage unit for your drinks and snacks. Another important option is a windshield that will protect you from any spray that you might kick up as you power across the bay. Attach a swivel chair that allows you to move your rod around the hull, and you can fish in comfort from a single position. All that’s missing is a canopy to shield you from the sun, and of course, that’s available, too.

The amount of horsepower you’ll need to drive your Bay Fishing Boat will depend on your own personal need for speed. Manufacturers provide guidelines on the maximum recommended horsepower for each model, and it is important to follow those guidelines, but don’t skimp on the horsepower. If you try to get by with less than you need, the time and frustration it will cause you on the water will not be worth what you saved. You’ll also want to look into equipping your boat with a small trolling motor for those moments when you have found the sweet spot and just want to hold your position or slowly drift along.

Next time you’re near a showroom, stop in and look at some Bay Fishing Boats. Chances are you’ll quickly be hooked, just like those trophy fish you’ve been dreaming of catching.

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