4-Stroke Fishing Boat

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For many people a 4-stroke fishing boat is the number one choice when fishing in lakes and rivers because they are great for trolling. Trolling is fishing with lines that are baited with lures or bait, and drawn through the water usually trailing the boat. This method of fishing is more efficient with a 4-stroke outboard because trolling involves moving slowly through the water.

4-Stroke Fishing Boat

4-Stroke Fishing Boat

Fishing is a popular hobby, and choosing your equipment can make a difference in your experience, rods, lures, lines, hooks, bait, boats, motors, are things you have to consider. Do you prefer salt water fishing or fresh water fishing? Where you fish and your method of fishing requires choosing the right boat and motor. If you are going to do some trolling in a lake or river then you should consider a fishing boat with a 4-stroke engine. Most people think these are the best choice for many reasons, especially if you will be fishing in a lake or river.

A 4-stroke fishing boat is often a lot heavier than a 2-stroke out-board, but it will give you a great ride. You will love how they move quietly and slowly. However, the 4-stroke outboard motors are available with horse-power (hp) ranging from 50 hp up to 90 hp. Trolling boats are accepted at all bodies of water, and there are even some lakes that require 4-stoke motors. Although, the majority of lakes have not made this change, making 4-stroke’s mandatory.

A few other great features include the low level of pollution they produce, and they are economical when it comes to fuel. Also, you will save your hard earned money because a 4-stroke fishing boat does not require an oil/gas mixture, which can add up quickly and become very expensive. You can enjoy your hobby, save money, and contribute to a cleaner environment with a 4-stroke outboard motor.

Although, a 4-stroke fishing boat may be harder to transport, and without a stand you may find that positioning it in storage can be difficult, the choice to use a 4-stroke fishing boat has many advantages. Also, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for cleaner outboards has led to a new generation of smoother, quieter and cleaner running 4-stroke fishing boats.

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