Reykjavik Speedboats – Evening Fishing Tour

by thrandur

Speed boating is quite popular in the Reykjavik area. My brother in law owns a small speed boat and often takes it out for a spin and uses the opportunity to catch a few fishes.

Reykjavik Speedboats

We put the boat out by backing the boat trailer out using this ramp. It is getting late – although the sun is still shining.

Reykjavik Sailboat

The sky is beautiful and the sailboat we meet completes the picture.

As we sail west out to the open sea the waves are getting a bit large for the our little boat. Nevertheless we decide to stop and see if we can catch anything.


My daughter Maria Run is enjoying the fishing.

Cod fishing

Steini is the first to catch a fish. It is not big but a nice catch anyway.


A few more follow along. Enough for a small feast – One cod, 7 haddocks and a single merlan or whiting. Notice the fulmar sitting patiently by. He is hoping to receive the innards.

Reykjavik Speedboat

A nice yacht sailing by in the evening sun.

Northern fulmar

The northern fulmar.

Reykjavik - Hallgrimskirkja

View to Reykjavik with the church of Hallgrimur towering over the city central houses.

Reykjavik Speedboat

These are obviously having great fun on this fast speeding boat.

Reykjavik Speedboat

Boat to fish!

Cruising back and the ’76 Johnson 35 hp engine is able to move the small speed boat.

The small boat village of Reykjavik

The “small boat village” hosts a number of small boats and looks really beautiful as it mirrors in the still evening sun.

Thanks for a nice evening boating tour.

Thrandur Arnthorsson

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