Hornstrandir Iceland By Boat

by thrandur

Hornstrandir Iceland

Hornstrandir are at the northernmost part of the Westfjords of Iceland. Just
south of the Arctic circle it is extremely remote and most of it is completely
uninhabited. At the same time the beauty of the area is amazing and leaves
nobody that visits untouched.

Sædís ÍS-67 2700

The best way to visit is by boat. The Sædís ÍS-67 2700 is a
Boat2Fish 41 Seigur 1250 specially
built with a covered deck to carry up to 30 passengers.

Beauty of Hornstrandir

You are taken to places like Bolungarvík where you can carry on by foot
wherever you like.

The merchandise lane in Látravík.

The shark drying shed at Drangar.

Resting by the waterfall Stórifoss in Bolungarvík.

Standing on the high cliffs of Hornbjarg is a magnificent place to be. No place
like it on earth. Might as well be at the end of the world.

Taking a “shower” under the waterfall by Blakkabás.

On this map you can see the route traveled by the boat. Norðurfjörður in the
south, Reykjafj0örður in the middle and Hornvík in the far north.

Norðurfjörður is about as far as the road will take you. From there on you must
go by foot or by boat.

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