Harbor Wallpaper

by thrandur

Great harbor wallpaper pictures. Harbor pictures from around the world showing boats and boats repair. Harbors are a sort of a resting place between journeys and also full of activities like repair work and reshuffling goods. Feel free to use these as your desktop wallpaper.

You are free to use the pictures for your own personal use as long as you keep them intact. (*)

Harbor Wallpaper - SV Marisa Pula Boat Wallpaper
Boat Wallpaper Boat Wallpaper

To set them as your desktop background, open each boat wallpaper picture, right click and select Set as background.

(*) – You are not allowed to use the pictures for published materials. That includes mediums like your website, books, booklets and newsletters – printed or in electronic form.

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Radio Controlled Boats May 2, 2009 at 7:07 pm

Those are some really great shots. I am using them as desktop background. Thanks!

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